Lunch & Learn

Come join the Agriplex's program series. Lunch and learn is an educational series on a variety of different skills. The programs are Wednesdays from 12-1 pm at the Agriplex. Please sign up in RecDesk ahead to reserve your seat and lunch.
Registration closes 24 hours prior. No refunds.


January 24th -new date!-

Join locally famous baker Sally Brown as she teaches the ins and outs of making sourdough bread. $10 We had to reschedule this class due to inclement weather

Native Trees For Me?

February 21st

Kira Sims will prepare you to select which trees and shrubs will be best for your yard from the tree sale on Feb 24th at the Agriplex. $10

Fire Ant Prevention

March 20th

Are you dreading fire ant mounts as the weather warms? Learn the best way to eradicate the fire ants in your yard. $10

Beekeeping and Honey

April 3rd

Beekeeper Bill Grimmett will take you through the joys and challenges of keeping bees and making honey. Join us for a honey inspired meal. $10

The Cultivation of Cotton

May 15th

Cotton has been a cash-crop in Alabama since 1817. Learn cotton’s history and how to grow it as an ornamental in your garden. $10

Starting a Home Apothecary

July 17th

Local herbalist Marissa Griffin will equip you to start a natural medicinal home apothecary. $10

Seed Saving

August 21st

Since the invention of agriculture, humans have been saving their seeds to plant the next year. Learn the basics of this age old cost saving practice. $10

Wildlife Photography

September 18th

Photographing wildlife and nature can be hard! Learn the basics with wildlife photographer Jake Calloway. $10

Tulips and Bulbs

October 16th

Plant bulps now for a beautiful show of flowers in the spring and garlic harvest in the summer. This class will cover planting, selection, and perennial care. $10

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