Heritage Homeschool


The North Alabama Agriplex offers a series of hands-on programs for homeschoolers (kindergarten through 6th grade) and their parents once a month. Students will be divided into an older and younger age group with parents expected to assist their children. The program is held on Thursdays from 9:00-11:00 am at the Agriplex Heritage Center. Class fees are $10 per student. Adults are free with a max program cost of $20 per family (exceptions listed below). Registration is required. No refunds.

Houseplant Jungle

January 11th

Houseplants clean our air and are a joy to grow. Propagate your own houseplants to take home. $15 per person.

Nature Poetry

February 29th

Study delightful poems based on natural themes and then learn to write your own. $10

Magnificent Mules


Autumn Adkins will read her story “Daisy Comes Home” and share about mule anatomy and care. $10

Map Reading Masters

April 11th

Navigate like a pro after learning the basics of orienteering, and compass reading. $10

Great Grains

May 16th

Oats and wheat and barley, oh rye! See how grains are good for you and great for agriculture. $10

Mooove Over Dairy Queen

August 29th

See into the world of dairy production and make our own ice cream! $10

Super Sweet Potatoes

September 26th

We are putting the spotlight on this super spud that’s not even an actual potato! Come learn other fun facts, recipes, and more! $10

Creepy Crawlies

October 24th

They’re fascinating, but often misunderstood. Come see and learn about an extensive collection of snakes, spiders, and other special friends. $10

Who, What, Wear?

November 21st

Do you know where your clothes come from and what they are made of? Explore the world of natural and synthetic fibers. $10

Old Fashioned Trio

December 19th

It’s the season of giving and what better gift to give than something handmade. Make and take 3 projects. $25 per person, $50 max family.

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** Please notice that we do not offer any refunds for our programs**

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