Heritage Homeschool


The North Alabama Agriplex offers a series of hands-on programs for homeschoolers (kindergarten through 6th grade) and their parents once a month. Students will be divided into an older and younger age group with parents expected to assist their children. The program is held on Thursdays from 9:00-11:00 am at the Agriplex Heritage Center. Class fees are $10 per student. Adults are free with a max program cost of $20 per family (exceptions listed below). Registration is required. No refunds.

The year at Maple Hill Farm

January 27th

Students will explore the seasonal cycle to life on the farm. $10

Terrariums/ Water Cycle

February 24th

Join us as we cover the water cycle and put that knowledge to use in creating take home Terrariums. $15/student, no max per family

Seed Starting

March 24th

What does a seed need to grow? Find out as we learn all about how to grow our own plants. $10

Horse power vs Horsepower

April 28nd

Come and view some of the different types of farm equipment used and learn why farmers went from horses to tractors. $10

Nature Notebooks

May 12th

Nature Notebooks encourage exploration while helping kids notice the smallest details and beauty of outdoors. $15/student, no max per family

Full of Beans, Henry Ford Grows a Car-Soybeans

August 25th

What do soybeans and cars have in common? Come find out as we take a historical look at how Henry Ford grew a car. $10

Green Snake Reptile Show

September 29th

Meet Alabama’s Reptiles and Amphibians with
Herpetologist Jay Eubanks. $10

Raptors 101

October 13th

This live bird of prey program teaches students to
recognize raptors, and learn about their behaviour
and conservation. Meet trained raptors up-close.
with Andrew Arnold of Alabama Wildlife Center
$15/child, $30 max per family (k-12)


November 10th

Popping, Shocking, Shucking, & Shelling! Fall means
time to harvest corn. Students will help prepare the
corn harvest and of course enjoy some popcorn! $10

Herbal Christmas

December 8th

Use garden herbs to create holiday decorations,
recipes, and giveaways. $10

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** Please notice that we do not offer any refunds for our programs**

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