Heritage Skills

This monthly series provides the opportunity to learn heritage skills passed down through generations. All programs are $10 per person, and begin at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Registration is required. No refunds.


January 25th

Come learn how to make candles using the most natural & safest wax. Local candlemaker Phillip Garrison will be demonstrating different candle making techniques with beeswax. $10

Intro to Hand Quilting and Piecing

February 3rd

Want to try your hand at quilting but don’t know where to start? Hazel Ruehl will teach you the basics of piecing and hand-quilting a quilt. This class includes a kit for a beginner project. $10

Growing & Using Gourds and Pumpkins

March 22nd

We will cover the basics of growing gourds and pumpkins in North Alabama. Local gourd artist Katie Westmoreland will be demonstrating gourd decorating tips and techniques. $10

Healthy Country Cooking on a Dime

April 7th

Appalachian culture is known for their creative ways to stretch a meal but not so much for health.  Learn how to create country meals without it costing your health and dollars. $10

Waterbath Canning Class

May 17th

Learn which foods can be safely preserved using the water bath canning method. We will cover the water bath canning process, including the selection of produce and preparation of jams, jellies, canned fruits, and tomatoes. $10

Yogurt Making for Beginners

June 2nd

Demonstration on using fresh or store bought milk
to make your own healthy yogurt. $10

Beginning Brewers Class

July 21st

Cullman Brewers Guild will explain the process of making homemade beer. Participants will get to see the equipment and learn the science that goes into brewing. Minimum age is 21 for this class. (max 100)

Memory Mosaic

Unfortunately we had to cancel this class

Dried Flower Wreath

September 27th

Sarah Jane’s at Edmundson farm will be
here instructing us in creating a take home
dried flower wreath. $35/person

Passalong Plants

October 13th

Learn about the quaint Southern tradition
of pass-along plants, plants that many own, but no one purchases. We will cover propagation and proper care for indoor and
outdoor plants. Pass-along plant swap. $10

Dulcimer Class

November 15th

Come be a part of this exciting opportunity to learn more about this Appalachian instrument from Craig Mann. $10


December 1st

Participants will learn a brief history of leatherworking, go over the different tools, and make a project to take home. $10

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** Please notice that we do not offer any refunds for our programs**