Living Landscapes

This monthly educational series offers valuable information about sustainability in your own backyard. All programs are $10 per person, and begin at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Registration is required. No refunds. Visit to register.

Companion Planting & Seed Starting

January 30th

Learn to start your own vegetable and flower transplants for your garden
along with what plants grow well together to fight bugs and make your plants flourish. $15 per person includes seed starting kit.

Growing & Protecting Backyard Chickens

February 22th

Almost everyone likes
to eat chicken-from possums to coyotes!
Learn how to select and grow your own flock focusing on protecting your birds. $10

Growing and Propagating Houseplants

March 21st

Come and learn how to care and propagate your houseplants. You will take home new cuttings. With Jayne Luetzow, Regional Extension  Agent $10

Irrigation for your Homestead or Garden

April 25th

Irrigation in the home garden saves time, money, and water leaving you with a productive, lush garden. See the Agriplex irrigation system as a demonstration for setup and maintenance. $10

Small Engine Maintenance Class

May 7th

Prolong the life of your mower, weed eater, and other small engines helping you around the yard with tips on maintenance. $10

Make & Take Floral Arrangements

June 6th

We will use North Alabama’s bountiful harvest to make beautiful arrangements to take home. $20 includes vase and flower arrangements

Using your tomatoes

July 30th

Using your Tomatoes- We will sauce, dehydrate, cook, and can this favorite garden fruit. Also, get helpful hints at making your tomato plants produce into the fall. $10

Natural Farming Method

August 27th

Harness the power of indigenous microorganisms (IMO) and build incredible living soil. All nine core solutions in Korean Natural Farming method are explained in a systems approach to farming while honoring nature’s processes. Locally source materials to make natural farming solutions on your farm.$10

Harvest Corn Tassel Wreaths

September 7th

Make a harvest wreath with fields of Lowers’ Kristin Willimack using corn tassles. $35


October 22nd

Making a beautiful homemade broom is easy, fun, and practical. Start building your skills by making this DIY hearth broom from broomcorn. $30

Raised Bed Gardening

November 5th

Want a quick way to grow a lot of vegetables and flowers? Raised bed gardening is a productive, accessible way to grow. We will explore construction, what to fill your raised bed with, planting, maintenance, and more. $10

Grapevine Wreaths Decorate with Evergreens

December 5th

Create your own reusable grapevine wreath from locally raised grapevine and then decorate with foraged evergreens and natural beauty.

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** Please notice that we do not offer any refunds for our programs**