Heritage Skills

This monthly series provides the opportunity to learn heritage skills passed down through generations. All programs are $10 per person, and begin at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Registration is required. No refunds.

Making Mead

January 19th

Mead is a fermented beverage traditionally made from honey, water and a yeast or bacterial culture. Sometimes called “drink of the gods”, mead has been cultivated and consumed across the world for thousands of years. With Goat Island Brewmaster Matthew Schumaker. $10, minimum age 21

How to Begin Woodworking

February 23rd

Basic Tools and Techniques with the Cullman Woodworkers Guild. $10

Raised Bed Gardening

March 2nd

Want to grow more vegetables, herbs, and flowers-try raised beds. See the Agriplex raised beds and learn the basics of growing in raised structures. $10

Pressed Flower Suncatcher

April 18th

Come learn the step-by-step process of stained glass design with Samantha from Catland Glassworks. You will take home a new skill and your own unique piece of artwork. $50/person, max 12 persons. Ages 15-18 with an adult


May 11th

Learn the ancient art of candlemaking. Create a poured soy candle to take home. With Marissa Griffin. $20

Making Sauerkraut

June 15th

The old fashioned way. Follow the process from cabbage to fermented product. With Geraldine Hendrix. $10

Stained Glass Class

August 19th: 1-4pm

3D Succulent. $50, max 12 persons, ages 15-18 with an adult

Ferments For Robust Health

Demonstrations on Fermenting Tomatoes, Apples, Garlic, and more. Make your own Fermented Tomatoe Sauce to take home. Tastings and Recipes. With DeAnn Duke $10

Sacred Harp Singers

September 7th

Join local Sacred Harp Singers to hear the beauty of this historical music and learn the basics of fa so la. With Nicholas Thompson. $10

Crochet Make and Take

October 26th

Little Gobbler Decorative pot Holder is a fun project for an experienced crocheter while easy enough for a beginner. The project fundamentals will be covered during the class and finished at home as it is about six hour project to complete. With Diana Fowler. $15

Stained Glass Star Christmas Ornament

November 9th 6-8:30pm

November 4th 6-8:30pm

Learn the basics of the Tiffany method and create a one-of-a-kind heirloom ornament that will bring a special sparkle to your tree. $50/person, max 12 persons, ages 15-18 with an adult

Wreathmaking Class

December 2nd 2pm

Start with grapevine and construct a beautiful wreath with fresh, local evergreens. For beginners and experienced alike. $20

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** Please notice that we do not offer any refunds for our programs**